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The Good Life: Welcome to the resurrection

Finally, the news you've all been waiting for. At least, we hope so.

Put the jug on for a cuppa and stock up on the sheep nuts, The Good Life is back!

When your beloved NZ Listener returns to letterboxes and newsstands next month, our nonsense about sheep, chickens and chainsaws will be back too. Hooray!

After so many months, you could be excused for losing hope your favourite magazine would be revived; some resurrections take longer than three days.

The Listener returns in mid-September with the wonderful and award-winning editor Pamela Stirling again at the helm, and with your favourite writers, columnists and Lush Places characters, including Miles the sheep farmer, Xanthe, Elizabeth Jane and the Four Hens of the Apocalypse.

Not everybody's excited. The good news was celebrated at Lush Places by Xanthe studiously ignoring Greg as he danced for joy in her paddock, and Elizabeth Jane sulking about the paucity of biscuits in Michele's pockets.

In any case, after months continuing the column here at lushplaces.co.nz, we have decided we will take a short break from The Good Life until the Listener returns, partly because we want to be fresh as spring blossom. But also because lambing season is almost upon us, and lambing season is a busy time for about-to-be great-grand mamas.

See you all again soon, back home in the Listener!