Here are some of the kind things people have said about The Good Life while it was published in the dearly-departed New Zealand Listener between 2017 and 2020.

You have done an extraordinary job – the shining intellect and warm sense of wit and humour behind your work makes your writing simply world class. Our readers have loved the fact that you have been such a big part of the Listener.  

Pamela Stirling, editor of the NZ Listener

We love the weekly taste of country living provided by Good Life writers Michele Hewitson and Greg Dixon. And they're funny too.

Vicky Young & Peter Dormon


Over the years, I've enjoyed many of the Listener back-page columnists, but none more than Good Lifers Michele Hewitson and Greg Dixon. Thanks for your light-hearted insights into rural life. You are wonderful writers and I enjoy reading of your experiences.

Judith Bakker


I enjoy all the Listener's regular columnists, but have to make special mention of Greg Dixon and even more, Michele Hewitson.

Georgie Bonner 

I’m also a Wairarapa resident and would just like to compliment Greg on brilliantly nailing the Wairarapa lifestyle in his columns.

Phil O’Brien, Radio New Zealand

Just to let you know how much I enjoy our friends Greg and Michele in the Good Life. Please ask if Greg will come back to Auckland and stand as Mayor here. He will have my vote ! 

Sally Hunter


A bouquet for Greg Dixon (From the Archives – 80th Celebration issue) for his brilliant piece of journalism. He had me hooked right up to the beginning of the 6th paragraph, until I read the most unlikely names of his travel agent. It was so clever, and I was enjoying every word of it, so of course, I had to read to the finish. Well done, Greg, you got me there!

Lynley Clarke