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Lifelong townies Michele and Greg moved to the Wairarapa from Auckland in 2017. For three years they wrote the much-loved The Good Life column for the NZ Listener until, in its 81st year, the magazine was closed when German-owned Bauer Media ended its New Zealand operations during the Covid-19 emergency.


Michele is a senior journalist who worked for the New Zealand Herald  for more than 20 years. During that time, she won many feature writing, columnist and travel awards, and was twice national Columnist of the Year and once, to the horror of the country's sport reporters, the T. P. McLean Sports Columnist of the Year.


Greg is a senior journalist who worked as a dogsbody news reporter, TV reviewer, feature writer and magazine editor at the New Zealand Herald, and as a feature writer for North&South magazine (now deceased; Bauer) and Metro magazine (also deceased; ditto). He has won editing, feature writing and travel awards.


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